The Driscoll's difference!

Working with independent growers, each strawberry is hand-picked at peak ripeness to meet our strict quality standards. The secret to our strawberries is our own unique varieties. We start with thousands of varieties and choose the top 1% to sell under the Driscoll’s name. Rest assured, our naturally grown strawberries are never genetically modified.

Irresistibly sweet

Heart shaped, ruby red and rich in natural flavour, these are the characteristics that distinguish a true Driscoll’s strawberry. Every season, we develop and test over 1000 selections to find the most delicious, good looking strawberries for you. Enjoy them whenever you like, because these sweethearts are there all year round.

Strawberry Leafs
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Meet our grower Eric Jansen

“My work is my passion, I am constantly looking for ways to take the quality of our berries to the next level.”

Read his story
Read his story

Tips & Tricks

Handpicked strawberries

Caring for your berries? Learn more in our video:

Recognise the perfect strawberry by its brilliant red colour, green stems and shining skin.

Did you know that the little hairs on strawberries are actually tiny dried fruits which hasn’t bloom?


Comfy & cool

Keep your berries comfy and cool at 2°C - 4°C, this way they will taste at their best.

Give your summer a swirl with our refreshing strawberry cooler!

Summer cooler
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