Thriving Community

It is our vision to become the world’s berry company, enriching the lives of everyone we touch.

We aim to achieve this by living and working by the values closest to our hearts. For us, this means caring for our people, our communities and the environment, being transparent and trustworthy in our day-to-day operations, and showing all of our partners respect and humility. We have a genuine passion for what we do, and we want to build a workforce that feels the same. Our workforce vision is laid out in the Driscoll's Thriving Workforce Standards, and these are applicable to all our independent growers. This is because all our berries are hand-harvested. In fact, when you pick up a pack of Driscoll's at the supermarket, the only other person to have touched those berries is the harvester. 

Our approach to the industry…

Although the majority of our workforce is employed by our independent growers, Driscoll’s has a responsibility to ensure that our independent growers are treated fairly. It's also important that this respect is mutual; that working within the Driscoll's enterprise is a source of pride and commitment. In order to continually maintain standards and drive progress we work in close collaboration with our growers. Our labor program is comprised of four main pillars, known:
-    Labor standards
-    Audits
-    Training
-    Collaboration



Best Health and Safety Labor Program

Best Health and Safety Labor Program - 2019

March 26, 2019

Driscoll’s, was acknowledged at the 2019 Sedex awards for the best Health and Safety Labor Program in recognition for the company’s comprehensive approach to labor compliance, which extends beyond farm audits and addresses systemic worker welfare issues.
Driscoll’s labor program, which complements the company’s focus on prioritizing sustainable business practices, is built in partnership with hundreds of independent growers that grow and harvest berries sold under the Driscoll’s brand to ensure the well-being and dignity of each farmworker. 
Driscoll’s in 2015 implemented global labor standards representing criteria where laws did not exist, were not consistently enforced, or provided lower protection to the workers. The company continues to use a third-party audit process to confirm these standards are adhered to by the family of independent growers.

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