Yet another three Driscoll's berry varieties received an International Taste Award! 

The counter is now up to eight awarded varieties as yet another three of our unique berry varieties have been awarded with the International Taste Award! A reflection of our pursuit of flavour with great-tasting berry varieties. A jury of more than 200 world-class chefs and sommeliers tasted our varieties and granted them with a positive evaluation.  More information

Two of our unique varieties were awarded the highest possible 3-star rating which stands for “Exceptional Products”: 
-    Driscoll’s® Laurita™  blackberries 
-    Driscoll’ s® Zara™  strawberries 

The following variety received the 2-star rating which stands for “ Remarkable Products” :
-    Driscoll’s® Henrietta™  blackberries 

Earlier this year, five other Driscoll’s varieties have also won Superior Taste Awards. So, our Driscoll’s Berryista ™ can now showcase even more ‘remarkable’ and ‘exceptional’ varieties next to the five varieties that got already awarded with a Superior Taste Award. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our teams in continually raising the bar on delight. And this is so relevant as taste is the key driver for berry consumption and consumer loyalty.

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