A Family business, working for the future

As a multi-generational, family-owned company, Sustainability means "meeting present needs without compromising on the future, or how we get there".
At Driscoll's, we consider our social and environmental performance to be just as important as our economic success—a concept commonly referred to as the Triple Bottom Line.
We recognize that the achievement of true sustainability is a journey, and one in which we don't have all the answers, but we're committing considerable resources and company leadership to ensure the continual progress in both reducing waste and preserving the natural and social resources on which our livelihoods depend. 

Because we believe we have a responsibility, and an opportunity, to be leaders in the agricultural industry. We have always worked closely with our farmers, supply chain partners and communities to help address the environmental risks ; but now more than ever, we need to futureproof our business while still thriving in the present.
Beyond many initiatives throughout the Supply Chain we want to highlight 2 major initiatives we are currently working on:

1. Reduce plastic waste

2. Water conservation

Driscoll’s is committing to a journey to reduce the amount of plastic used in the packaging. Balancing out the functional aspects of packaging – food waste prevention, durability, recyclability, versatility – with the responsibility to protect the environment. We believe that every little step we take together with consumers is a step towards for the better. Our new paper packaging with 94% less plastic is an important step on our journey to reduce the amount of plastic.

Driscolls New Paper Pack, less plastic, plastic waste

Water is our most precious resource. Unsurprisingly, therefor water conservation, and improving water quality, is a huge environmental priority. Water is not only indispensable to our business, it's the elixir of life and essential to nature. Yet many places still face critical water quality and supply issues. 

In collaboration with our independent farmers and the wider community, we have been extensively studying our plants; measuring how much water is needed to grow healthy, delicious berries, without being inefficient or wasteful. Different crops have different water needs... even varieties within the same crop family have different needs,  so our growers diligently try to irrigate to accordingly.  

We're also working with local partners to raise awareness on the importance of water efficiency through local projects and technical training, as well as with Driscoll’s agronomic support.

Success stories so far...

Regional Initiatives:

Every farm (existing or potential) growing for Driscoll’s Spain is audited in terms of the legality of the land and water resources by an external engineering consultancy (REALZA) and using a methodology that has been approved by the SAI platform and local WWF. While in Morocco, we are continuing to support scientific organizations working to implement water management infrastructure in dry areas. Our main goal moving forward is to steward the local environment and help protect the natural resources we depend upon.

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