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  • Where are Driscoll's berries grown?

    You can find the country of origin on the label of each punnet. Thanks to our collaborating partners all over the world, we are able to follow the sun with our production regions, so you can enjoy the sweet taste of summer all year round. Driscoll’s berries are produced by passionate growers in the very best growing regions, from Morocco and Belgium to Portugal and Germany. Their common goal; to nurture and grow the finest, most flavoursome berries. As Driscoll’s is GlobalGap certified, we operate according to the food safety protocols outlined in the universal GlobalGap standards and in compliance to the European food safety standards. Fresh from the field, all our berries are checked against a very strict set of standards and specifications. Boxes must be ticked at every process along the way, in all steps of our production chain and in all locations… so you get nothing but the best!

  • How do Driscoll's berries remain so fresh?

    We provide a fresh and natural product that not only delivers on shelf life, but also on flavour and appearance. How? We’ve worked on and worked out our own, unique berry varieties. We ship these berries as soon as they have been harvested and make sure they are cooled to keep them in optimum condition. This is why Driscoll’s berries will stay fresh all the way from field to fork.

  • How can I best store Driscoll's berries?

    Fresh berries should be kept chilled, and are best consumed within a few days of purchase. Please check the Finest berries section for some helpful tips on how to keep our beautiful berries in tip-top condition.

  • Is it safe to eat Driscoll's berries from abroad?

    Absolutely! We can assure you that we take utmost care to ensure safety and quality of our products, from our beautiful berry fields all the way to your fork. As Driscoll’s is GlobalGap certified, we operate according to the food safety protocols outlined in the universal GlobalGap standards and in compliance to the European food safety standards. Fresh from the field, all our berries are checked against a very strict set of standards and specifications. This way we can ensure a delightful product of the highest quality, all year round.

  • Does Driscoll’s use pesticides to produce their berries?

    As it is Driscoll’s mission to deliver a safe product of the highest quality, Driscoll’s abides by the EU regulations regarding the usage of pesticides. Our independent growers avoid the use of synthetic materials, including pesticides, wherever possible. Driscoll’s independent farmers are experts in the practice of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), this combines natural and synthetic means to reduce disease and control pests. We work with our growers, implementing the newest farming methods, to keep the application of pesticides to a minimum. Driscoll’s guarantees this standard by frequently testing the residue on all of our products.

  • How long does it take for Driscoll’s berries to be displayed in store?

    Driscoll’s berries are known for their outstanding shelf life, this is because we only work with our own unique berry varieties. As we cannot make time stand still, we chill them as soon as they have been picked from the plant. Moreover, we ship our berries as soon after harvest as possible. This is why they will stay fresh, both in the supermarket and at home in your refrigerator.

  • Do I need to wash berries before I eat them?

    As with all fresh produce, we recommend that you wash the berries before eating them. However, berry tip number one is that you shouldn’t wash your berries until just before you are going to eat them! Why? The moisture will decrease their shelf life. Please check the Finest berries section for some helpful tips on how to get the most out of our little berry beauties.

  • Are Driscoll's berries produced in a sustainable way?

    At Driscoll’s, economic performance and social and environmental performance are indistinguishable, that is why a sustainable production is at the top of our priority list. We recognise that we do not have all the answers, and that the road to true sustainability is an on-going journey, but we are fully committed to making continuing progress; reducing waste and paying optimum attention to both the natural and social resources on which our business depends. We believe we have a responsibility and an opportunity to be leaders in the agricultural industry. For this reason our company works closely with our farmers, supply chain partners, and the communities in which we operate. This helps us to discover and address any environmental risks to our business and our local communities.

  • How do I recognize organic berries?

    You can recognize our organic berries by the European organic quality mark, if this logo is on the packaging you are guaranteed that the product meets all legal requirements for organic products.  You can recognize Driscoll’s organic berries by the green Driscoll’s label.

  • Why doesn’t Driscoll’s grow only organic berries

    Driscoll’s will continue to offer a choice based on consumer preference. We plan to expand our organic program while still offering a conventional offering.
    Producing quality berries on the most natural way is a high priority for us. Also our conventional berries are grown in a natural way with lots of love and attention. At the moment we produce organic berries on a small scale as we want to make sure that also this assortment delivers a delightful experience.

  • Are Pesticides allowed in organic farming?

    In organic farming a limited amount of pesticides, or crop protection, is allowed. These, for organic farming allowed, methods must be of natural origin and may only be applied if other methods are not sufficient. 

  • What about the organics you import from outside of Europe?

    The US and EU have an agreement on organics, this means that as long as the terms of the arrangements are met, organic products certified to the USDA organic or European Union (EU) organic standards, may be sold, labeled, and represented as organic in both countries.

  • What is the Driscoll’s legislation with regards to growing organic berries?

    -    All countries comply with the European organic legislation. Each country has its own control body, they monitor the organic chain and provide the certification and monitoring of organic products. 
    -    Throughout the supply chain, not only the grower is organic certified, but also our warehouses and Driscoll’s is also organic certified
    -    Each arrival of organic berries at our warehouses is carefully being checked if all organic certifications are there, this way we can guarantee that your fruit is truly organically produced.

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