Chocolate covered strawberry carrots in chocolate dirt

Strawberry carrots in chocolate dirt

  • 4 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 Tsp. salt
  • 2 Teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 225 gram bittersweet chocolate (chips, wafers, chunks, or chopped bar)
  • 900 ml whole milk, divided
  • 6 Tablespoons cornstarch
  • 200 gram sugar
  • 500 gram Driscoll's Strawberries, select the 8 largest from the package for dipping
  • 300 gram white chocolate (chips, wafers, chunks or chopped bar )
  • Red gel food coloring

45 min | Servings: 8 | holiday and events

Chocolate covered strawberry carrots in chocolate dirt

Chocolate covered strawberry carrots in chocolate dirt



PREPARE a double boiler by PLACING a tall saucepan filled with water onto the stove, HEATING water until boiling, and REDUCING heat to low.

PLACE 225 gram bittersweet chocolate into a smaller saucepan.

PLACE smaller saucepot on top of larger saucepot so it fits snugly and steam is trapped between the two pots and no water droplets get into chocolate.

ALLOW chocolate to melt until completely smooth WHILE STIRRING occasionally.

SET ASIDE melted chocolate.

PLACE 300 ml milk into a medium bowl.

ADD 6 tablespoons cornstarch.

WHISK until smooth.

SET ASIDE cornstarch mixture.

PLACE remaining 600 ml milk into a medium saucepan.

ADD 200 gram sugar, 4 tablespoons cocoa powder, and ½ teaspoon salt.

BRING milk mixture to a simmer over medium heat.

SET ASIDE milk mixture.

STIR cornstarch mixture briefly.

ADD cornstarch mixture to milk mixture.

BRING pudding to a boil WHILE WHISKING constantly.

COOK an additional 1 minute WHILE WHISKING constantly.

REMOVE pudding from heat.

STIR IN melted chocolate and 2 teaspoons vanilla.

DIVIDE pudding between 8 food safe 170 gram (6-ounce) stainless steel mini pail buckets or small jars.

COVER surface of puddings directly with plastic wrap to prevent skin from forming.

CHILL puddings in refrigerator until ready to use.

Strawberry Carrots

LINE a baking sheet with wax paper, parchment paper, or aluminum foil.

PREPARE a pastry bag fitted with a small piping tip (alternatively, use a fork for drizzling chocolate).

RINSE 8 large strawberries.

DRY strawberries thoroughly with a soft cloth or paper towel.

MELT 300 gram  white chocolate using the double boiler method above OR USE microwave method below:

PLACE white chocolate into a glass bowl.

MICROWAVE white chocolate at medium power for 1 minute.

STIR chocolate.

MICROWAVE white chocolate at medium power for 30 seconds.

STIR chocolate.

CONTINUE microwaving and stirring chocolate in brief intervals until chocolate is completely smooth.

ADD 4 drops yellow gel food color and 4 drops of red food gel color.

STIR until thoroughly blended.

ADD MORE gel color if you desire a more vibrant color.

HOLD a single strawberry by the green leaves.

DIP strawberry into the chocolate about ¾ of the way up AND SWIRL until coated.

LIFT strawberry and SHAKE gently to remove excess chocolate.

PLACE dipped strawberry onto prepared baking sheet.

REPEAT with remaining strawberries.

ALLOW chocolate to set. 

REHEAT remaining chocolate until completely smooth.

REHEAT remaining chocolate until completely smooth.

FILL piping bag with chocolate.

ALLOW chocolate to set.

REMOVE plastic wrap from puddings.

SPRINKLE each pudding with chocolate cookie crumbs.

PLACE one dipped strawberry onto top of each pudding.

SERVE Chocolate Covered Strawberry Carrots in Chocolate Dirt immediately.

Leafs Strawberry

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