Easy Summer Raspberry Pie

Easy Summer Raspberry Pie

  • 340 gram of raspberries
  • 24 cm graham cracker pie crust
  • 170 gram raspberry gelatin
  • Purchased whipped topping

5 + 5 min | 6 | dessert | other courses | holiday and events

Easy Summer Raspberry Pie

A super easy raspberry pie with an abundance of fresh raspberries.


  1. DISTRIBUTE 1 package of raspberries evenly in bottom of pie crust.
  2. PREPARE raspberry gelatin according to package directions.
  3. POUR gelatin slowly into pie crust to cover raspberries.
  4. CHILL pie in refrigerator four hours or until gelatin is firm.
  5. SPREAD whipped topping generously over pie.
  6. GARNISH with remaining raspberries.
  7. STORE in refrigerator until ready to serve.
Leafs Raspberry

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