The Driscoll's Difference

Blueberries are the latest berry to join the Driscoll’s family. Driscoll’s has  patented many blueberry varieties, which means that these wonderfully delicious blueberries can only be found in a Driscoll’s package. Plump and juicy, with just the right balance of sweetness and tartness, each blueberry must meet our high quality standards. In other words, each Driscoll’s Blueberry must be outstanding in all regards. And of course, our blueberries are grown naturally and never genetically modified.

Big & tasty

Sweet, indigo pearls of berry goodness, our blueberries are really something special. Did you know that it can take up to seven years before we have found a unique variety that will make your taste buds go berry crazy? Add to that nature’s dose of antioxidants, and you will know why our blues are so beloved!

Blueberry Leafs
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Meet our grower Sean Tager

“I really feel privileged when I walk in the fields and see how our wonderful blueberries perform.”

Read his story
Read his story

Tips & Tricks

Blooming blueberries

Caring for your berries? Learn more in our video:

Blueberries are naturally covered in a protective wax called bloom, which works as sunscreen and is a sign of freshness.

The perfect blueberry is dusty in colour and round in shape.


Comfy & cool

Keep your berries comfy and cool at 2°C - 4°C, this way they will taste at their best.

Brighten your day with blueberry pancakes!

Blueberry pancakes
blueberry blueberry

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