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We’re really excited about our Driscoll’s Blackberries. Through years of searching for the best varieties, we think you’ll love our juicy, sweet, and fresh blackberries.  Once you taste our blackberries we think you’ll agree, their joy can’t be contained. We work hand in hand with nature and never genetically modify our blackberries.

Fabulously flavourful

Our blackberries are in one word ‘dazzling’, with their earthy wine-like taste. Purple, majestic and bursting with juice...they are really something else. Every year we cross thousands of plants in search of the very best. Only 1% of these blackberry selections will make it. This way we ensure you, that every delicious bite will bring you an irresistible flavour explosion.

Blackberry Leafs
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Meet our growers Jan and Alfons Diepstraten

MEET OUR GROWERS JAN AND ALFONS DIEPSTRATEN “It makes us proud to see that our glasshouse blackberries are becoming sweeter, bigger and juicier every year.”

Read their story
Read their story

Tips & Tricks

Sweetest blackberries,

Caring for your berries? Learn more in our video:

Blackberries and raspberries are fragile berry cousins. That is why you should carefully rinse them under water. 

 Our blackberries are sweet flavoured and deep, evenly coloured. For the perfect taste experience pick the plump, dry ones.


Comfy & Cool

Keep your berries comfy and cool at 2°C - 4°C, this way they will taste at their best.

Have a delicious lunch with our blackberry salad!

Blackberry salad
blackberry blackberry

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