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Our story

100 years of berry quality

Our story goes all the way back to the 1870’s when Joseph ‘Ed’ Reiter and Dick Driscoll grew their very first strawberries in California. Sunshine, water, and lots of love were enough to produce the most delicious fruits they ever tasted. Soon they also started selling raspberries, blackberries and blueberries under the Driscoll’s label, a name that had become known as a quality mark.

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Our story



For the first time strawberries are grown in California’s Pajaro Valley.

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First strawberries


The brothers Robert and Terry Sheehy were the first farmers to grow Driscoll's berries.

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Driscoll's growers


We started to ship our berries under our common yellow label.

Yellow label


Our raspberries, blackberries and later on blueberries find their way to Europe.

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Berries Europe

2017 and onwards

We continually bring you only the finest berries!

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Finest berries


We proudly introduce our new paper pack. Made with at least 94% less plastic, we have taken the first step on the long road ahead.

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Driscolls Paperpack
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