94% less plastic… and that’s just the beginning...

Driscoll’s journey to reduce plastic packaging waste

In the average European household, plastic waste is one of the biggest concerns and consumers believe producers should enable them to make easy pro-environmental choices while shopping. Berry brand Driscoll's is actively striving to address this growing desire for alternative solutions for plastics and is launching a brand new paper pack in Europe, which will reduce the amount of plastic in their packaging with 94%.


Consumers crave better solutions
An average European consumer creates over 30 kilos of plastic waste per year, and the clear majority of that waste is not recycled. Consumers are craving better solutions. Therefore Driscoll’s is committing to a journey to reduce the amount of plastic used in its packaging while balancing functional priorities, - particularly food waste prevention, durability, recyclability and versatility, - with the responsibility to protect the environment. Driscoll's believes that every little step that is taken together with consumers is a step towards a better future. One of the brand's initiatives is providing an alternative for its plastic packaging. The alternative pack consists of a paper based recyclable punnet sealed with a thin recyclable film. For every tray of fresh berries, this new packaging reduces the amount of plastic by 94%.

Driscoll’s new Paper Pack
Driscoll’s new packaging is made from FSC-certified paper, which is paper made from responsibly sourced materials. With the shift from plastic to FSC-certified paper, Driscoll’s reduces the amount of plastic used in its packaging by 94 %, which will result in saving thousands of kilogrammes of single use plastics in Europe alone.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation
As part of its pledge to prioritize sustainable packaging solutions that protect fresh berries while minimizing environmental impact, Driscoll’s recently joined The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in collaboration with UN Environment Programme. Click here for more info about this global commitment. The launch of this new paper pack is an important step toward this commitment and fits perfectly with Driscoll’s mission to continually delight Berry Consumers through alignment with its Customers and its Berry Growers.

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