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Meet our Growers

Family-owned and operated for over 100 years, Driscoll's is committed to growing only the finest berries. Meet some of the people who share our passion. 

Introducing Mili working in Gieselhöring | Germany

My name is Mili Dizdarevic, and along with my colleague Christoph Neumeier, we are responsible for growing berries and asparagus at Baumann in Geiselhöring, Bavaria. In 2012, after graduating from University in Bosnia with a degree in agricultural engineering, I moved to Germany with my wife and 2 kids to join the company. Since 2019, we've been growing raspberries and blackberries for Driscoll's. At Baumann, we are particularly enthusiastic about the sweet taste and perfect quality of the Maravilla, one of Driscoll's unique varieties. Based on our years of experience in raspberry and blackberry cultivation, I can say with complete conviction that we have never grown a better raspberry than the Driscoll's Maravilla.

A catch up with Marc van Steenoven from the Netherlands

Marc is a dedicated Driscoll's grower with a passion for passion. He is growing these precious fruits with a lot of love ad care for more then 15 years. Marc started running the familiy business together with his mother. Starting growing all kinds of vegetables, such as potatoes, beets and onions, and became more interested in growing berries. He started growing Driscoll's strawberries, extended with raspberries and blackberries in short notice.

“ I love working with Driscoll’s, as they are doing a lot of research on how to make their berries even more delicious, beautiful and fresh. After all, we want to delight the berry consumers!"


Meet Samir Jebali from Agadir | Morocco

In Morocco, we look on the bright side of life. This is when the brilliant, Agadir Spring sunshine creates the perfect climate to grow delicious berries.

We have been successfully growing varieties of blueberry, raspberry and blackberry for a couple of years now, and working with Driscoll's is all about learning and adapting. To stay informed and up-to-date I regularly visit other growers in Morocco, and  recently we also visited Mexico. This was interesting because the climate over there is comparable to Agadir. It was a great opportunity to see how they deal with the growing conditions and discuss how we can use it to our advantage.

Meet Vasco Dotti from Portugal

“I have been growing Driscoll’s finest since 2014, producing delicious blueberries, blackberries and raspberries on approximately 14,7 hectares of farmland. Our unique set up means we’re capable of successfully producing the highest quality fruits all year round. An achievement that we’re very proud of".

Meet Fatima Zekri from Moulay | Morocco

"Out in the field, we run different tests to see how the plants and fruit perform. At the moment we grow two varieties of strawberry, the Driscoll’s Lusa and the Driscoll’s Marquis. They both deliver deliciously sweet strawberries, but in a different time window. This allows us to deliver on flavour and meet demand for a longer period of time.”



Meet Ennaga Fouad from Moulay Bousselham | Morocco

I'm Faoud. I'm the second eldest son in the family, and I run the business with my two brothers. Our fields have been producing a lot of Driscoll's raspberries and strawberries, but more recently, we’ve turned our hand to blueberries. We have just planted the Driscoll's Stella Blue, so we'll have to see how it performs. I've tasted the variety and it's delicious. 

My Driscolls journey started in 2013

Meet João Ferreira from Alentejo | Portugal

"We’re very lucky in Portugal, we have the perfect climate. The cold nights, and mild, sunny days create optimum berry growing conditions—all year round. My favourite is the Driscoll’s Stella Blue blueberry. Perfectly sweet, just a little sour, with a crunchy bite that pops in your mouth!"

Meet Artberry | Ukrain

Founded in 2014, family owned and a household name across Ukraine, Artberry has been growing Driscoll’s blueberries since 2019.

 At Artberry, a team of passionate industry professionals are committed to growing the highest quality blueberries. While the owners and management are constantly looking for ways to improve the process and product—freely reinvesting revenue in order to develop and grow.


“Our priority is maintaining the highest standards through modern technology, research and experimentation. We hold ourselves to highest standards of food safety and social responsibility, and undergo Global G.A.P., G.R.A.S.P. and SMETA audits regularly.”


In addition to high quality standards, Artberry prides itself on having high social standards. Providing excellent working and living conditions for employees as well as a promoting a positive work culture. In cooperation with the community and local authorities, Artberry has earned the reputation as a reliable partner and employer.


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