How we grow with Mother Nature's tiny creatures

Bees & Bugs

Bees and bugs are not always welcome visitors, but Mother Nature’s tiny creatures are essential in bringing you delicious berries. Mites for example are real powerhouses when it comes to natural pest control, while bees are critical for the pollination of berry flowers.

Did you know…

…that bees can affect the fruit size and quality of berry plants by transferring pollen from flower to flower?

…that hungry mites can quickly clean up crops suffering from spider mites and other damaging pests?

…that natural pest control helps reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the need to use insecticides on plants?

…that bees can’t work efficiently in environments where lots of pesticides are used (and we don’t blame them)?

…that the quality of bees can affect the number of drupelets —juicy little round bubbles — a blackberry or raspberry has?

…that bees are our true heroes as more than 85% of the world’s plants and 1/3 of all food we eat dependent upon their pollination?

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