Food Safety

In parallel to exceptional flavour, food safety is our primary focus.

To safeguard the wholesomeness of our berries, as well as the health of our employees, our independent farmers, and their workforce. We are continually working on building industry leadership in food safety standards, while still upholding our commitment to produce the freshest most flavourful berries.

Driscoll’s Global Food Safety

Our berries are grown, harvested and shipped with the highest standards of care possible, and our rigorous food safety standards apply regardless of where they are grown. Driscoll’s Global Food Safety Programme consolidates decades of research and consumer feedback in close collaboration with food safety experts and regulatory agencies. It's founded on the principles of Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs) and reinforced through education, laboratory assays and annual third party audits.


All Driscoll's growers are compliant with GlobalGap or an equivalent GFSI/GG recognised set of food safety standards, and as part of our Global Food Safety programme, we employ third party auditors to verify that GAPs are being followed on every farm and facility around the world. These audits are performed in the fields, cooling facilities and distribution facilities; monitoring soil, water, fertilizer use, pest control methods, harvest practices and food safety and security procedures. The results of these audits are thoroughly reviewed by Driscoll’s food safety staff, and any non-compliance issues will be immediately addressed and corrective measures will be verified by us.


Adherence to Driscoll’s Global Food Safety Program policy is a vital component of our independent farmer contractual relationships. We educate our independent growers about company policy and enforce strict adherence. Our independent growers are responsible for adhering to federal, state and local food safety regulations. If inconsistencies are discovered, we investigate the potential violation with the farmer. Driscoll’s strives for immediate resolution of any non-compliance issues. Each grower is aware that non-compliance carries consequences, up to and including termination of their association with Driscoll’s.


All independent growers in the DEMEA region who grow Driscoll’s berries must adhere to local (European) and federal laws applicable to that growing region as well as country specific import and export regulations.

Goal of Driscoll’s  is to minimize the use of pesticides and strictly regulate the use of pesticides. Any use of pesticides is in strict compliance with European laws and regulations. Furthermore the independent growers of Driscoll’s needs to work conform the Intregrated Pest Management (IPM) program which utilizes natural methods….a good example is the use of our precious bees and bugs, to reduce diseases and control pests as the first option.  Driscoll’s will only use pesticides when its necessary. All independent growers that use pesticides are fully trained and certified implementing these materials. 

As our main goal is to minimize the use of pesticdies, we have made the commitment to significantly increase the production of organic berries and utilize our experience in organic farming. In America we grow organic berries on a big scale. Within Europe we are rolling out Driscoll's organic berries starting on a small scale and will further develop our organic portfolio within Europe. 


Most water used for irrigation is sourced from deep wells or municipal sources. Microbial levels in irrigation water are monitored at every farm. All the independent growers around the world who grow Driscoll’s berries must adhere to the same stringent water quality standards. Where alternate sources of water are used, Driscoll’s specifies a more stringent monitoring schedule and employs appropriate water treatment systems to ensure that the water quality is suitable for its intended use.

Farmer Education and support

Driscolls is sharing their best practices regards quality and food safety, so Driscoll’s independent growers are able to grow the safest, fresh, most flavorful berries possible all year-round.  

Driscolls is sharing their best practices regards quality and food safety, so Driscoll’s independent growers are able to grow the safest, fresh, most flavorful berries possible all year-round.

Quality Assurance

Driscoll’s berries are grown, harvested and shipped with the highest standards of care possible, regardless of where they are grown. We routinely audit all our farms and facilities around the world to ensure that we comply with and exceed national and international food safety rules. Every batch of berries we produce is inspected for quality and appearance by our highly trained staff to ensure they are fresh and delicious when they reach our customers. Our berries are cooled immediately after they leave the field and are not handled by anyone other than the consumer. This reduces bruising and maintains the berries’ wholesomeness throughout transportation. We are committed to providing consumers with useful information about where Driscoll’s berries are grown. 

By implementing our lot code system, we are able to track and trace all the way back to the field. If you have questions or feedback, please always make sure that you have the lot code available, so we can track your delicious berries from field to fork.

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