How we grow raspberries with the best growers
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How we grow raspberries with the best growers

Meet our grower José Manuel Garrido

Moulay Bousselham | Morocco

"A few years ago my family and I rented a farm in Morocco. We planted Driscoll’s raspberries on a 50 hectare plot to produce fruit from October to June. It was a natural choice to start working with berries, as I grew up in the business.

As a child I used to spend all my free time at the farm of my family, here I learned everything about rapsberries

It was my dream to manage my own farm someday. After I finished my study I started to work alongside my father, he and my two uncles were the berry production pioneers of Huelva. It was a great experience to join their team and see how they were always looking for new innovations. Years later I took full responsibility of my father's two farms.

I am very happy to grow Driscoll’s berries due to their excellent flavour, high quality and shelf life. My plan for the future is to continue growing Driscoll’s fruit and to work with their new, promising varieties."

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